I am not a porn star and I'm not Dr. Ruth, but for more than a decade I served as the Curator of the Museum of Sex, honing a technique of making sex smart, educational and socially responsible.

With a Masters in Anthropology, with a focus on gender and sexuality, I offer a unique and singular perspective within the field of sex. My background emphasizes the cross-cultural historical perspective of sex and the exploration of the tremendous variety and diversity that currently exists in the sexual landscape. I have had the unique pleasure of being an "Indiana Jones" of sex for the last decade. 

In the nearly 20 exhibitions and multiple online installations I have curated, I have served as an interpreter of the academic and often dry information found in dusty libraries, translating it for the general public and making it entertaining as well as accessible. While the position of "Curator" conjures images of an older gentleman with salt and pepper hair, I am a young female, whose heritage spans Mexico to Eastern Europe. The diversity of my own background and experiences makes me a particularly unique voice in the saturated terrain of sex. I am a self-possessed young woman, a wife and a mother, who is both an expert and authority for a new generation. 

I have been featured in a wide range of publications such as the New York Times, New York Post, Cosmopolitan, Boston Globe, Associated Press, Reuters, Time Out New York, El Diario, Art Daily, I-D, Antenna, Print, Radar, Nylon, Sculpture and New Scientist. I have appeared on the Today Show, Discovery’s Curiosities with Maggie Gylenhaal, Huff Post Live, MSNBC’s Dylan Ratigan, Bravo’s Ironic Iconic America, Mike and Juliet, Montel, VH1 Brazil, Playboy Radio, Resto del Mundo and the documentaries Indie Sex, featured on IFC, as well as Behind the Burly Q directed by Leslie Zemeckis.

In addition to media attention, I speak regularly at both academic conferences and universities, with some of my more academic writing even featured in Museum Studies textbooks.

Each day I pinch myself that I have had the opportunity to educate so many about the most fascinating and taboo of topics. I hope through my first book and memoir, "Sex in the Museum: My Unlikely Career At New York's Most Provocative Museum" (St. Martins, April 2016), readers will experience the surreal journey right along with me. 

I currently live in NYC with my husband, two children and our crazy, but beautiful Shiba Inu, She-ra "Princess of Power."

To learn more about my professional background, check out my LinkedIn Page: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sarah-forbes-21258812

To see what is inspiring me now, find me on Twitter @curatorofsex or on Instagram @curatorofsex