What is a SEXUAL CULTURALIST: With an academic background in Anthropology and a decade of experience as the Curator of the Museum of Sex I realized I had developed a truly unique and holistic perspective in my field. By synthesizing and collaborating across academic disciplines---art, history, science, cultural studies, technology, media, entrepreneurship, design---I realized this perspective needed its own name and could be applied with great success beyond museum walls.

As a SEXUAL CULTURALIST I can create both content and strategy for those who recognize a better understanding of sex, sexuality and identity are critical domains for the success of cultural institutions and corporations alike. Able to serve as an in house anthropologist and cultural consultant, I am an expert in content creation, content development, research, and brand strategy. My expertise is rooted in a decade of experience transforming information into immersive experiences, initiatives and activations.

In 2011, I began working with a range of cultural organizations, publications, websites, production companies and start-ups interested in engaging their audiences with an intelligent, accessible, and creative approach.


Here a just a few of the companies I've had the great opportunity to work with:

(Left to Right): Never Liked It Anyway, The Bozzwicks, Paperny Entertainment, SexToii

Motherly Media: 

A personalized week-by-week guide to an inspired journey as a modern woman and mother. I currently serve as Motherly's "Sexpert in Residence"