Good Apple Gone Bad? Is Steve Jobs trying to kill 'sexting'?


While Apple is at the forefront of making technology user friendly and non-threatening, it is also in the process of controlling our adult access to sexual content.

From controlling and neutering the sexual content of iPhone applications to regulating even literary content that Apple will share to the impending control of the content of our text messages, where is the new line of obscenity going to be drawn? Apple's newly validated approval for a "communication control" will likely put an end to text messages describing pornographic acts, but may even go further and regulate text messages with any sexual connotation.  While it is an absolute that children should be protected from inappropriate content, when do we draw the line as adults and push back in our right to access adult content?

One of the main theories we reply upon at the Museum of Sex is that every time a new technology is created it is invariably used for sex. From photography to film to the Internet, advances in technology are in many cases driven by sex. With Apple’s combination of incredible design and aesthetic iPods, iPhones and iPads are not only status items but also increasingly indispensable tools for the masses. It is a defining moment in the evolution of civilization to benefit from the tools that players like Apple have put in the palm of our hands, tools to communicate, share and create. But what happens if you want to combine that incredible technology with sex? In Apple’s case, it gets shut down.

Apparently, Mr. Jobs does not want Apple have to have the same relationship with sex that every other technology before it has experienced.

And with each new addition and advance in technology pay attention to how quickly it turns to sex, despite Apple’s designs to the contrary. While the commercials depict parents sharing video footage of newly born babies, many have learned Facetime is the new frontier in sex work. Read more about the new communications control at: 

And for more information on the use of Facetime in porn: