The Value of Sex: sold for $13 Million

Sex is not only interesting it is also profitable, extremely profitable. The domain name has recently been purchased for $13 million by Clover Holdings.

The history of the domain, originally registered in 1994 to Gary Kremen, the founder of is a soap opera of complications. A year after the domain was registered, Stephan Cohen wrote a letter to Network Solutions to have transferred to his ownership. Without any verification or notification to Kremen, the transfer occurred with a reported loss to Kerman of over $40 million over the first few years. After years of legal disputes, Kremen was denied ownership, but was awarded $65 million in financial reparations, which he was never paid.This dispute changed the landscape of law and the Internet, setting a precedent of responsibility on the registrar of a domain.

The following books The Sex.Com Chronicles by Charles Carreon and One Domain, Two Men, Twelve Years and the Brutal Battle for the Jewel in the Internet's Crown" by Kieren McCarthy can also be referenced to learn more about the struggles of