Ouija Flirting?

Media publications often use Halloween as an opportunity to publish content about the occult, superstitions and the forever sexualized space of the "dark arts." The accusation of "witchcraft" has been used for centuries as a tool to demonized woman who were deemed overly sexual, and at points, even applied to women involved in the trade of midwifery. But the creation of the idea of the "witch" also lead to its taboo. Along with the idea of magic, fortune telling and the spirit world, these forbidden fruits became sexy and mysterious.

During the Victorian era, a game came into existence that not only played on this sexualization, but also required that a man and a woman sit close to one another, knees touching and hands indiscreetly near, typically in the dark. Allowed closer to someone of the opposite sex than would otherwise be permitted, people used the Ouijia Board to connect to the spirit world and be "told" through the movements of the cursor any number of things that couldn't be communicated under any other circumstance, due to moral constraints of the time. Whether it was the spirits or not saying those cheeky things, the Oujia Board was a tool of flirtation for those sex crazed and repressed Victorians. 

To see a video on the history of the Ouijia Board: http://bigthink.com/ideas/24682?utm_source=Big+Think+Main+Subscribers&utm_campaign=0a4a14a3c9-Sonia_Nassery_Cole_October_27_201010_27_2010&utm_medium=email