Why do demons always have big penises? Case Study: Tokoloshe and Boto


As an anthropologist, I am very interested in the beliefs and cultural traditions that can be encountered around the world. In many places demons, spirits, monsters and other worldly creatures are thought to wreak havoc in human lives. Many of these entities are characterized as being hypersexual and if male, possessing a large penis.

And the Tokoloshe is no exception to the rule! The Tokoloshe is a well-known malicious figure in South Africa, described as a dog like creature, which is the offspring of a human man and an animal. It is said a Tokoloshe will sexually assault you while you are sleeping, and the act may even occur in a dream. This act will cause a sickness within the person, potentially likened to a sexual transmitted infection and will cause a woman to no longer want to have sex with her husband, having been exposed to the over sized penis of the Tokoloshe.

In Latin America a similar myth is told about the boto, or the Amazon River dolphin, a rare and increasingly endangered pink dolphin. It is believed that the boto will transform into a man at night and have sex with local women. When a woman becomes pregnant prior to marriage or when her husband would have been unable to father the child the boto is often blamed as the culprit. Some academics believe in the racially stratified society, there is a relationship between the pink skin of the dolphin and the manifestation of a child with lighter skin than would be possible from the believed mother and father--- an indication of possible infidelity. 

Male Amazon River Dolphins are also known to engage in same sex blow hole penetrative intercourse, as featured in a sculpture created by Rune Olsen for my exhibition, The Sex Lives of Animals currently on display at the Museum of Sex. To see more images of Rune Olsen's work, please visit: www.runeolsen.net

To watch an INCREDIBLE video about the Tokoloshe: http://www.vbs.tv/watch/vbs-special--2/tokoloshe

Photo Courtesy of Rune Olsen