AOL's Asylum covers me in their "Hot Girl, Cool Job" Video Series


For me, it is a compliment to be considered attractive and and also considered to have a cool career by a large online men's magazine such as Asylum. I genuinely appreciate being able to create content that is both educational and entertaining, and I have to admit my day to day experiences at work are probably not the norm.

With each new exhibition, my job is to hunt down the practitioners, artists, academics, collectors, historians, scientists and experts of a particular sexual community to enlighten the public through my educational journey. Whether it is the kink and fetish, BDSM, burlesque, adult film industry or fine art worlds, my exhibitions link disciplines, historical eras and communities through the incredible overarching thread of sex. As a curator I am an expert, narrator and guide for the objects, art and personalities who make up the erotic world. From the eccentric artists I have met to the sex collections I have sorted through to being stopped in airport security with a bag of sex toys, it is the people and experiences that make my job unlike any other out there and has placed me in situations few have encountered.

To watch the video of Asylum's private tour with me:

And while it isn't every day you get to be a "hot girl" while being a professional, it was a surreal juxtaposition in the same night to get a "Fair and Honest Appraisal of Your Appearance" by The Bumbys at the launch of the WIRED Store. While a strong chord in my tightens at the idea of appraising a woman's value based on her appearance (men were also being appraised), in this particular instance I actively choose to place myself in the role of the object. See below to see the honest objectification and appraisal of myself, accompanied by a friend's "appraisal" as well, conducted by another woman. This in itself was an experience to talk about...would you stand in line to be appraised?