Say Good-Bye to the Sex of 2010


Like many of you I have been caught up in the madness of the holiday, travel, family and the celebration of the new year. With each new year we look back on the past and make plans and in some cases resolutions for how we want to change and improve our lives. Many of us want to be healthier and happier, and what better place than to start with sex at the core of our New Years resolutions. According to an article by sexpert Ian Kerner, the following ten resolutions are needed to have better sex in 2011:

1) Have sex 1x per week
2) Engage in "Choreplay": Women want to have sex more with men that help them around the house
3) Hug for 20 seconds; This activates oxytocin which makes us feel more connected
4) too much porn can kill libido
5) be more positive; Your relationship needs 5 positive experiences for every 1 negative on to be on the right track
6) Engage in Foreplay for 21plus minutes: Without at least this much time 2/3 of women do not reach orgasm in comparison to the 9 out of 10 that achieve orgasm after 21 minutes
7) Keep it fresh
8) Stay healthy
9) Share a Fantasy; fantasies can help create a more satisfying sex life
10) She Comes First (read the book  with the same title by Kerner)
11) Unplug: Find time in find calm and relaxation

To learn more about Ian Kerner's sex resolutions:

And for those who need more proof that being healthy can lead to better sex, Dr. Phil Nguyen writes that sex can do the following: burn calories, increase strength training and cardiovascular health, prevent cancer, stress relief, boost immunity, improve intimacy, pain relief, improve sleep and have long term reproductive health benefits.

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