Sex in Egypt: A documentary and a talk show


Documentary director Amr Bayoumi's film"Sex Talk," tackles the subject of sex in Egypt, revealing details of marital sex in which several Egyptians divulge intimate details of their sex lives. Topics such as masturbation, infidelity, sexual frustration, virginity loss and the subject of female circumcision, a practice banned but still widely carried out in Egypt, are all discussed. Bayoumi's film has been screened several times in Egypt, usually in cooperation with non-governmental organizations campaigning for sex education, but currently lacks a distributor.

According to CNN:

*Nearly 40% of marriages in Egypt now end in divorce, according to Egypt's Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics. It's the highest rate in the Arab world.

Dr. Heba Kotb, a leading sexologist in Cairo is featured in her own television show called "The Big Talk" in which she openly discusses sex from a medical, religious and cultural perspective. Kotb "attributes 80% of divorce in Egypt to sexual problems. In most cases couples simply don't know how to deal sexually with their partner," she said. "I provide the information -- this is right, this is wrong, you should do this." While Kotb is a pioneer in an open discourse surrounding sex and sexuality in Egypt, many of her beliefs, particularly in regards to the "treatment" of gay men to make them heterosexual,as described in the film clip above, would be unpalatable for many.

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