A Spider Bite Can Kill and Give You An Erection

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QwruG6TSrAQ?wmode=transparent]

Often called the Brazilian Wandering Spider, Armed Spider or Banana Spider, found in banana plantations throughout Central and South America, it's official name, Phoneutria nigriventer, is thought to be the new future in erectile dysfunction aids. In a recent study by Dr. Kenia Nunes of Medical College of Georgia published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, "erection-challenged rats with high blood pressure" were given a peptide called PnTx2-6, which is found in the toxin of this particular spider. The result flaccid rats soon has erections lasting up to four hours, without side effects. It is possible this toxin will be even more success than Viagra for some patients.

This does not mean men should start seeking out of the bite of the Phoneutria nigriventer. A bite can "also incapacitate a person’s muscle control, cause severe pain and trigger breathing problems. In some cases – if left untreated – it could lead to death." While the Guinness World Record named it the "world's most venomous spider" last year, curator of arachnids at the University of Washington’s Burke Museum, Rod Crawford, has said only 10 humans out of 7,000 have died from a Phoneutria nigriventer. Take away: caution but excitement! And after watching this clip, I'm going to take an extra careful look at the bananas I purchase!