Sex Every Day for a Year: A Birthday Present


If you think sex is the best present you could get for your would you feel about sex everyday for a year? 

Charla Muller decided this would be the perfect gift for her husband's 40th birthday and out sprung a book, 365 Nights: A Memoir of Intimacy, based on the experience. While at first her husband was concerned about the spontaneity of scheduled sex for a year, the couple progressed with the experiment. Some days the desire was there and some days not, some days the sex was incredible and some days just okay, but in the end, the benefits were invaluable to their relationship. While the book is about sex it is also about how the "loss of intimacy can have more of an impact on your relationship than you may think and that’s because physical intimacy plays a larger role than just satisfying a base urge" also speaking to how many couple let this extraordinarily significant part of their relationship disappear with time. Having sex every day for a year improved other aspects of the couples relationship, including an increase in consideration, connection and trust. While the couple are no longer having sex everyday, at least two or three times a week is keeping the lines of communication open and strong.

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