Jared Leto's Visit to the Museum of Sex

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8IP1lt7ao6g?wmode=transparent]

A few weeks back Jared Leto, actor and musician, came to visit the Museum of Sex. I was fortunate enough to be able to give him a quick tour and give him a sense of the work we do, our objectives as an institution as well as share some of the incredible facts I have learned about sex over the many years as the "curator of sex." With his band, Thirty Seconds to Mars', incredibly sexy video "Hurricane" I knew this information was being shared with someone who is genuinely interested in the topic. Check out this link to the images Leto recently posted from his trip to the Museum: http://jaredleto.com/thisiswhoireallyam/

And for Anne, my best friend from age 8 onward, who I spent hours of our adolescence watching My So-Called Life with, truly knows how hard this tour was to give without outwardly blushing. It isn't everyday you talk about latex torpedo tit catsuits and animals performing oral sex on one another with someone you were convinced you were going to marry at age 12...