Mosquito born Sexually Transmitted Disease: Zika


While extremely rare, it is believed the first documented case "of a sexually transmitted insect-borne disease" has occurred.

Brian Foy, a vector biologist at Colorado State University traveled to Senegal in 2008 and was bitten by a mosquito, which caused him to develop the Zika virus. Upon returning to the US and having sex with his wife, "he unknowingly transmitted the disease to her" as symptoms did not become present until five days after his return. The Foys went to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to find out answers.The Foy children did not get infected with the Zika virus following his return, increasing the suspicion the transmission was sexually related.

Brian Foy wrote a study based on his personal experience, which has now been published in several scientific publications."Foy said there are hints in other literature that sexually transmitted mosquito-borne viruses are possible. Boars who were infected with Japanese encephalitis shed the virus in their semen, and when female pigs were artificially inseminated with the boars’ semen they also became infected."

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