Playboy: Wedding is Off, Pregnant Ivanka Dresses like "Bunny" and Salt Lake City Won't Air The Playboy Club

While everyone has heard of Playboy and around the world can identify the well known bunny logo, I often wonder if the present generation truly understands how revolutionary Hugh Hefner's magazine was on the discourse surrounding sexuality. It has taken many controversial turns, stirring a freedom of sexuality, a backlash of feminist protesters, a group of women who celebrate posing in the magazine and to some contemporary minds, a much tamer version of sexuality than can be found in a simple Internet search. So here are some of the latest Playboy headlines that are making news 50 plus years afters it's launch, and will the new tv show The Playboy Club, there is sure to be renewed interest in the global brand...except in Salt Lake City, where it will not be aired on KSL due to it's anti-pornography stance.

Hugh Hefner is still making news as this week the 85 year old's fiance, Crystal Harris, called off their wedding, a few days before the date. Many are speculating at the cause, Hefner retweeted the following message on Tuesday "Omg @CrystalHarris left @hughhefner the day her single came out on iTunes. Coincidence? I think not,” but Harris is saying she couldn't live with Hefner's lifestyle and the many women that populated it. And last month, Ivanka Trump got press for her pregnant photo shoot dressed like a Playboy Bunny for Harpar's Bazaar. I'm sure this was a big hit for those most sexually turned on by the pregnant form. Here is a link to a pregnancy fetish forum to read more:

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