Will This Be the AIDS Free Generation?: World AIDS DAY 2011

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ABrI1GNs3u8?wmode=transparent]

Every December 1st the world is asked to stop, think and remember those we have lost to the AIDS pandemic. While the battle of prevention and treatment goes on every day, today's events around the world signify our continued commitment to education and support in an effort to bring HIV/AIDS to and end, or as this years theme indicates, "Getting to Zero-Zero New HIV Infections, Zero Discrimination and Zero AIDS Related Deaths." With the goal of no new cases of infection by 2015, can we hope for as Hillary Clinton describes it, an "AIDS Free Generation"?

I have written before how at 29 years of age, I do not know a world without HIV/AIDS. What will it be like for my children if this goal is met? How will they remember the impact of HIV/AIDS? How will this impact sex and sexuality? While global commitments hold in the support toward ending this pandemic, it is moments just like these where we must remain active rather than falling into the lull of complacency, believing somehow the battle is won. 

In the above video various global political figures speak about HIV/AIDS, including President Obama's address (start at 38:20), who describes how rates of infection in the US have remained steady for over a decade and how within particular American communities infection has been on the rise. The Obama administration this past year has put forth a National HIV/AIDS Strategy (http://www.whitehouse.gov/administration/eop/onap/nhasWe can never forget that our attention toward preventions and care, must be at home as well as abroad. 

So what will you do to be a part of bringing this pandemic to a close? How can be ensure this next generation will be able to sincerely be a AIDS Free Generation?

Check out the One Campaigns efforts to end HIV/AIDS by 2015: www.2015quilt.com