Want to Know Why you had a Bad Date, There is an App for that...


Ever wondered why that date wasn't a success? Ever spent time with your friends going over ever detail applying the most incredible levels of analysis? Ever just want to the just get the truth straight from the horses mouth why it didn't work out?

The new "WotWentWrong" "promises to help you do a post-mortem on the delinquent date who never called, never followed up, and never explained why...WotWentWrong boasts it can 'help people to find out why their relationship ended' and even assist them to improve their dating technique by soliciting feedback on all their annoying mannerisms and neuroses."

WotWentWrong helps you craft a request for more information (there are 11 different templates based on personality). And while the recipient may not initially want to give you the answer to your request, the lure of finding out how you rated them on their appearance, kissing skills, sense of humor etc provides just enough incentive for some.