Explicit Content Opens Today: Mindy Solomon Gallery


The Mindy Solomon Gallery was another great art fair find for me...instead of being the creepy curator inquiring if they had any sex/gender/body related content, this gallery had it all out in the open. I was first attracted to their booth by the work of Becky Flanders, who made female urination look so graceful.

And now, the same gallery opens their Explicit Content exhibition that will be a "18 and over exhibition showcasing uninhibited, sexually arousing perspectives expsoing graphic nudity found closed doors. The purpose of this show is to create a sensory pictorial of the most intimate, yet unemotional aspects of human sexuality.Peep into the world of black and white photo-documentating the Los Angeles prostitutes of Scot Sothern, the structural couplings of Christina West, the private video diaries of Barbara DeGenevieve, the erotic drawing of Bart Johnson, the provocative female nudes by Becky Flanders, the Impressionist inspired paintings of Georgine Ingold and Victorian inspired sculptures exposed by Bonnie Marie Smith and Leopold Foulem." It's looking like quite a show!