Recipe for a Good Date: Similar Klout Scores?

There are many theories on dating and how partnerships arise...but at the end of the day, most studies show that individuals are looking for the "best" option they have access too. While the desire for the most physically attractive, most intelligent, wealthiest, kindest, sexiest (of course this a personal taste moment) exists, most people end up with someone who is more or less an equal once all of those factors are averaged. Of course, anomalies exist...but a new dating/matchmaking site, Tawkify, has recently thought to use this premise in their connections. Tawkify has added your Klout score, which can range from 0-100, as a means of matching like with like romantic partners. For those unfamiliar with Klout it is website that calculates your social influence based on your social media relationships and impact. In a test of 60 individuals, there was a 90% desire for a continued conversation when Klout was used as a part of the matchmaking. E.Jean Carroll, a Tawkify co-creator, has been quoted as saying "People with high Klout scores know how to listen and know how to react; they're cute, smart and connected...It's a powerful as some one's height and weight." 

It's an interesting premise and I'd love to see as more data is the end of the day, if you did have a similar Klout score, you would probably be more understanding of your partner being on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn etc while out on a date. Always trying to look at the bright side...