Mexican Love Hotels: Hotel de Paso


While some people will be celebrating Cinco de Mayo with shots of tequila and margaritas...add your knowledge of Mexican Love Hotels into the mix...

Love hotels exist all over the world particularly in places where the young live at home until marriage, affairs are common but scandalous, homosexuality is not well accepted and where sexuality in general is a hidden topic of conversation due to societal conservatism. It isn't that people don't have sex in these places...they just need to be more creative about where and when they have steps the love hotel. 

While a hotel de paso or "pass through hotel" is a long held tradition in Mexico, in the last few years these destinations have experienced a facelift. Places such as V Motel Boutique Suites & Villas are making the tradition more overt and more fun, offering costumes and toys to guests, in addition to Jacuzzis, swings and transparent showers 

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