Stopping the Haters: Vinny from Jersey Shore supports LGBT teens and Eminem gives Elton John diamond cock rings as a wedding gift


Another media personality steps up to help enrich the network of support for LGBT teens. With a viewership of over 4.8 million for the Jersey Shore finale, figures such as Vinny Guadagnino are the celebrities of a demographic where the message is most needed.

While celebrity helps get the word out about a political issue, celebrity status in itself is not enough, it is what the celebrity does with that unique formula of power. In the case of Elton John, his performance at the wedding of Rush Limbaugh, a vocal adversary of gay marriage caused people to question and criticize this incongruous decision. But this type of decision was nothing new for John who controversially performed with Eminem at the 2001 Grammy Awards. While many couldn't see how John could perform with a man whose lyrics many deemed homophobic, he took the route of collaboration and exposure, rather than isolation.

Today, Eminem has come out in support of gay marriage. While sex is only one part of any successful marriage, Eminen's wedding gift for John's own same sex marriage was two diamond encrusted cock rings, demonstrating a big leap in his positioning from a few years ago.

So my motto for today: exposure and education create understanding

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