Are the brands you like the best predictor in successful dating? Case study: Apple and Groupon

Would you date someone just because they have a similar brand aesthetic? For some Apple users the answer is a resounding, YES! The premise of a new site, Cupidtino, is that is you are a die hard Apple "fanboy" or "fangirl" you are more likely to have something in common with another fan than not. So once enrolled, with proof of ownership of an Apple product, you can show off your personality through your music, app and movie tastes. To join:

And for those of you with an addiction to Groupon, a new offshoot Grouspawn is a dating site aiming to unite their loyal users. While it initially looks like a prank, the company is offering a $60,000 college scholarship for a child whose parents can prove they were brought together by a Groupon deal. To be eligible for one of the two annual scholarships, contestants must provide a photo with a newspaper to prove the day of the meeting. For more information on visit: