Birth control pills changing who we are attracted to?


In the science of attraction, studies have examined everything from the role of scent, facial symmetry, body type and even scans of our brains to better understand how we fall in love with and who we are attracted to. 

Studies have suggested that our sense of smell and therefore attraction is altered due to the addition of hormones from birth control pills. For instance, women are thought to be more attracted to a man that is genetically dissimilar to her, ensuring that her children with have a well diversified immune system. But while on the pill, this ability to smell someone genetically dissimilar may be altered. While the non pill taker is believed to be attracted to someone genetically different (not family), the pill taker whose body is tricked into believing it is pregnant, may be attracted to someone more genetically similar. This is thought to be based on the idea that a pregnant woman would want her family to be around her and protect her in this state. 

Ovulation has a part in all of this as well. Studies have shown that at the time of ovulation there are actual changes to female faces that make them more attractive to men, which even impact their voices, appearing more attractive do to the surge in estrogen. So not only do women look better and sound better to men at this point in their cycles, it has been proven that lap dancers will make more money when they are ovulating.

In recent studies, further information about attraction and the pill has been noted. It has been observed that women on the pill are attracted to less masculine men. To learn more about the recent findings:

Part of whatever birth control strategy one chooses, it is about finding the right one for the individual. To learn more about various types of birth control:,%202010

This past spring the birth control pill celebrated its 50th anniversary, and I was privileged to be a media voice on this subject as pictured above: