The Week in Sex: Porn in Red States, Gloria Steinem's "You can't vote for people who don't vote for you" and Power, Politics and Sex Scandals from around the world


This past week's elections caused a shift in the terrain of American politics, which will have great impacts on issues relating to sex and gender. Our politics and our positions on sex are often very well tied, even in terms of our porn consumption. Big Think's reporter Marina Adshade reports on a study tracking porn consumption in the "red states":

In a election year where candidates such as Kristen Davis, a former madam who provided escorts for Eliot Spitzer, stood behind issues such as the legalization of marijuana, prostitution and gay marriage equality in her own attempt to secure the position of governor for the state of New York, combined with the rise of the Tea Party, this past November 2nd, America waited to see which way the political tide would flow.

And of course, everyone has their opinions, including noted feminist Gloria Steinem whose video on The Big Think called "Right Wing Women Have Accepted Their Own Subordination" adamantly speaks to the belief that "You can't vote for people who don't vote for you"

While America has its own brand of political concerns in regards to sex, sex and politics have a long standing relationship, typically fueled with a dash of scandal.

Italy: The Italian Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi, has long been criticized for his affection for young women, has made headlines with his relationship with a 17 year old Moroccan girl, who he convinced Milanese police officials was the daughter of Egyptian President Hosni to get her out of jail after an arrest for theft. This action, which hints at largest concerns about corruption was countered by Belusconi "I love life, I love women." and "It's better to be passionate about a beautiful girl than a gay,"

Sweden: A new book has come out detailing the sexual exploits of King Carl XVI, called Carl XVI Gustaf – Den motvillige monarken (Carl XVI Gustaf – The reluctant monarch), which describes his relationship with Serbian gangsters and underground sex clubs, affairs, as well as "Strip clubs, illegal clubs, rented ladies who are naked under their fur coats. Women were simply desserts, used as sweets to be served with the coffee," wrote Katrine Kielos in the daily Aftonbladet newspaper.

Turkey: Turkey has banned Youtube after footage of Turkey's main former opposition leader, Deniz Baykal, was filmed meeting a female staffer in a hotel room. Baykal resigned after the video surfaced.

Prince of Brunei and his sex statues: In the process of a lawsuit between Prince Jefri Bolkiah of Brunei and two of his financial advisers over the sale of a Long Island Estate, the existence of six life size erotic sculptures, modeled after the prince and stored at the estate became public. It is reported that the sculptures, which feature the prince with a large erection and in several sexual positiona may be used as a means of prejudicing the jury again Jefri.

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