Week in Sex: Sex Toy Bomber, South African Hotel Worker in Dubai Jailed for Sex/Abortion and 90 year old Same Sex Couple Legally Wed in Mexico City

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The first week in sex post in 2011...

Sex toy bomber: Terry Allen of Minnesota is being accused of plotting to give his estranged ex girlfriends sex toys wired to be bombs. It is reported that friends found some of these devices which had "been modified with gun powder and buck shot, which were connected to a trigger inside the battery port."

Sex toys also made headline this week when Jacqueline Gold, Britain's 16th richest woman and sex toy entrepreneur, was repeatedly "annoyance" poisoned by a nanny she employed who put windshield wiper fluid in her soup.

To read more about the sex toy bomber :http://gawker.com/5727356/sex-toy-rigged-with-bomb-is-worlds-worst-christmas-present and the poisoned sex toy queen:


 In Mexico City, over 1,200 same sex marriages were performed last year, after a change to the civil code came into effect on March 4th. Two women ages 81 and 90 were finally able to officially celebrate their commitment to one another due to this legal change.

"A total of 405 of those entering into same-sex marriages were between the ages of 31 and 40, while 376 were in the 21-30 age group and 264 were in the 41-50 age group.People in the 61-70 age group accounted for 27 same-sex marriages, while four people were in the 71-80 age group and two spouses were ages 81 and 90." according to Fox New Latino.

A 25 year old South African woman working at a hotel in Dubai has been sentenced to jail after becoming pregnant after having a one night stand with an American guest at the hotel and seeking an abortion through the ingestion of pills. While she is being charged with "zina"--a Sharia law offense for sex outside marriage, which would be punished by a "maximum penalty of five years in prison and 100 lashes," as a non-Muslim and protested under a 2006 amendment to Sharia, she will serve six months and then be deported.

To read more: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/01/03/dubai-hotel-employee-jailed-sex-with-guest_n_803485.html