Sex Toys and Design: Gizmodo Readers Design Their Own Dildos At Made to Pleasure


Made to Pleasure is a sex toy company that allows you to design your own luxury toy, plated in premium materials such as 99.9% pure silver or gold. With a goal to make "toys that are beautiful to look at, and a pleasure to use," Made to Pleasure's website helps it users explore themselves to better guide them in crafting the best toy for their individuals desires. Made to Pleasure's "about you" section hits topics such as: what do you desire?, anatomy 101, finding the holy g-rail, vibrations hows and whys and the naked truth about anal stimulation.

Posted everywhere from design magazines such as Dezeen to tech/gadget culture proponents such as Gizmodo, the ability to make your own high end sex toy seems appealing to many. Gizmodo's Kate Hannaford even put a call out to readers to submit their own Made To Pleasure creations on the blog. My favorite is the Silver Biber created by user daladams.

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