Crickets Have the Biggest Balls


Yesterday I toured a group of Princeton University professors and scientists through my exhibition The Sex Lives of Animals an exploration through the sexual diveristy of the natural world. Animals engage in every sex act that people do and beyond. From oral sex to anal sex, group sex, masturbation, orgasm, creation of sex toys and, in fact, over 500 animal species engage in same sex relationships. With animal sexuality fresh on my mind this morning, here is a little post from ODD New Lite:

Researchers at the University of Derby say the tuberous bushcricket, a species of grasshopper, has testicles which amount to 14% of its body mass, making it the world's largest testicles in relation to body weight.Prior to this study it was believed that the fruit fly, Drosophila bifurca with testicles at 10.6% of its total mass was the champion of this competition.To bring the conversation back to humans, at this testicle to body ratio, human testicles would have to weigh the equivalent to 6 bags of sugar.