Call it a McWedding!

Launching this past January, couples in Hong Kong can now be wed at their local McDonalds. The "Warm and Sweet Wedding Package" costs $1282 or HK$9999. The package includes "wedding gifts, pink invitation cards emblazoned with golden arches, decor featuring the likes of Ronald McDonald and the Hamburglar, and classic golden arches fare worth up to $385.Additional items will cost extra, including a "white balloon" gown rental ($165), balloon corsage ($11), balloon wedding cake ($88), and a large pink McDonalds backdrop ($321)."

With traditional weddings "imposing a huge financial burden on young couples" this is thought to be a way to have an economically practical wedding. Shirley Chang, the managing director of Hong Kong's McDonald's outlets has been quoted as saying "They date here, they grew their love here, so when they have this important day they want to come over here,"