London Does Animal Sex


It is said imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and I would like to thank the Natural History Museum in London for bestowing that honor upon me and the Museum of Sex. A new exhibition called Sexual Nature created by Tate Greenhaugh will be running from February 11th-October 2, 2011 "about the relationship between sex and evolution and the bizarre, surprising adaptations that animals have evolved to procreate as much as possible." While I have not had the pleasure to see the exhibition in person, it seems to be a new adaption on much of the content featured in my 2008 exhibition, The Sex Lives of Animals, a testament to all of the non reproductive sex that occurs in the animal kingdom. As a natural history museum taxidermy animals in mounting positions will be on display for patrons 16 years of age and older.It seems London is getting naughty.

In addition, the creators of Sexual Nature contacted Pentagram the exhibition designers who worked with us on our exhibition the Sex Lives of Animals in order to use some of the animal iconography that had been created, mainly silhouettes of animals in various sexual positions. These images were then used for a billboard/poster campaign that is currently being banned.

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