"Incoqnito": Where Sex Toys and Jewelry Meet

I love it when sex can be subtle and implied, as in the case of Incoqnito a new line of "discreet, high quality instruments of pleasure" that can be also be worn as jewelry. Two of my favorite from the current collection are:


Razor: Razor contains two of the most popular instruments for sensation - a claw and pinwheel. These tools can be used separately to create a variety of sensations depending on the pressure applied, or together for a more intense feeling.


Droplet Necklace (Nipple Vibrator and Necklace): A pair of discreet nipple vibrators on a 43” stainless steel chain fashioned from fine metals allows for the ultimate lustful experience.

To look through the rest of the collection: http://www.incoqnito.com/pages/COLLECTION.html