Kickstart Day and Night: Because we all have another side once the bedroom door close


A photo series by Forest McMullin, Day & Night captures the side of ourselves we show to the world contrasted with the more private side of our sexual identity. Primarily highlighting members of the BDSM community (bondage, discipline, sadism, masochism), this projects helps to reinforce the fact that members of this world as every day citizens, rather than a group to be stigmatized.

McMullin describes his project as "Day & Night is an examination of identity. Most of us have different ways we behave and different faces we wear, depending on the circumstances in which we find ourselves. There’s the work face, the family face, the face with friends, the one with strangers. These faces merge into the complex construct that is our identity. Perhaps each face is as discreet as a separate identity. With some, these identities are nearly indistinguishable from one to the next. For others, they may be radically different."

As it is particularly difficult to get works with sexual content published, help Kickstart this project and turn it into a book.