I'm Astounded: A Woman with 164XXX cup Breasts (Guinness Book of Records) Can Still Have Great Posture

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7PDnxCe6oAI?wmode=transparent]

Chelsea Charms believes she has the largest breasts in the world, at a 164XXX cup and only 5ft 3", and they are still growing. Each breast currently weighs over 26 lbs. While she began as a natural D cup, she has had various surgeries over the years, beginning at age 20. She initially enlarged to a DD, then to a HH a year later, and now has Polypropylene String Breast Implants, which allows for breast enlargement through the gradual pumping of fluid into a "breast pocket" which in turn promotes the production of fluid. This form of implant is now banned.

Chelsea Charms breast implants are partially an extension of a career advancement plan, and she earns "thousands of dollars from performing as an exotic dancer. She admitted she got the enhancements mainly in order to 'get noticed'."

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