"Marital Zipcar": Maybe group marriage is for you...


The Hong Kong Sex Cultural Festival, which is celebrating its fifth anniversary, is calling for an upgrade to the idea of a monogamous marriage...the promotion of "group marriages." "With almost one in every two couples getting divorced these days, the traditional marriage scenario no longer works. And because unsatisfactory sex is among the top reasons behind divorce...people should be open to 'alternative systems for relationships'..."

Journalist Iva Roze Skoch of GlobalPost goes on to compare the idea of "group marriage" as "marital Zipcar":

"Say you are signed up for a marriage group in New York. You are bored of you proverbial old Buick and are looking for something "compact and cuddly" for Saturday night.

Unless Jimmy, the hipster from Harlem, has already booked the Mini convertible, it's all yours. And next weekend, you could go for the SUV, for variety's sake.

Then, I suppose, you come back to the Buick at some point? And everyone lives happily ever after.

I really hope they do a case study on this in Hong Kong.

If this works, they could have a Nobel Peace prize on their hands by next year."

Is she right? I kind of love this analogy

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