Christian Louboutin Does "Sex Shoes"; Yes, Please!!!


Some who love shoes would say all Christian Louboutin shoes are sex shoes. Women who wear them love the way they make them feel and shoe admirers seem to be equally impressed, but the recent design takes sex to the next level by placing the ever charged word on the creation, in nothing less than Swarovski crystals. For $1400 you can have your own pair in either nude or black patent leather and be in the company of celebrities such as Ashanti, Katy Perry and Kate Upton. And if you were thinking of a thoughtful gift for a Curator of Sex, these would do quite nicely...they could become part of my official uniform...size 7, hint hint

Take a look at the link to the Huffington Post piece which aimed to get a sense of men's opinions of the "sex" shoes. My favorite "I would find them highly intimidating."

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